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Foundation for Leadership and financial empowerment has a vision to making basic leadership qualities accessible to all by not only teaching but by training young people various attributes to attaining financial, leadership and business empowerment.
We engage the teenage upwards in order to ensure that they get the best grounding from the start of their career. The foundation has now started projects in various south west cities in Nigeria.
The genesis of The FAR Foundation for financial and leadership empowerment lies in the desire of its founders, to enhance the leadership abilities of the African youths as there is need to move from being "leaders of tomorrow" into "leaders of today" and ultimately to become seven star employers and employees.
Their desire stemmed from having recognized an obvious lack of literacy skills among many young people despite their having received a formal education. Their research into this problem resulted in a plan to hold small literacy classes using synthetic phonics as a teaching method.

YES-AFRICA FOUNDATION approach is innovative for five key reasons:

YES-AFRICA FOUNDATION utilizes multi-media, videos, case studies and out-door activities for transferring skills. The organization believes that using these methodologies allow for more active learning as opposed to pure classroom presentations and lectures, which is the methodology utilized by existing organizations in Africa.

YES-AFRICA FOUNDATION is committed to enhancing mindsets and skills and recognizes that this process only occurs through on-going support. As a result, Yes-Africa Foundation plans on maintaining at least a one-year relationship with its beneficiaries, ensuring that the training and support provided through the organization has had and will continue to have an impact on their lives and their organizations. This methodology differs significantly from the short-term, ad-hoc, training program currently provided in Nigeria and in other African countries.

YES-AFRICA FOUNDATION recognizes the value of continuous leadership and management research to ensure that its programmes remain relevant, unique and effective. To-date, through its innovative research, Yes-Africa Foundation has pioneered the provision of training on succession planning and moral leadership in the Nigerian context.

YES-AFRICA FOUNDATION's operations are rooted in strong partnerships with existing for-profit, public or nonprofit providers across Nigeria, specifically in cities outside Lagos. These partnerships will enable Yes-Africa Foundation to establish and build long-terms relationships with the youth. Yes-Africa Foundation also hopes to leverage facilities and support services for its training programs, enabling the organization to minimize its operating expenses.
• Given YES-AFRICA FOUNDATION's vision and objectives, the organization is committed to reflecting excellence in all aspects of its operations. By instituting effective systems and structures, investing in leadership and management training for its staff and volunteers, the organization intends to model leadership, effectiveness, accountability and professionalism in the Nigerian and African context. Through its transparent operations, it hopes to serve as a role model for other nonprofit and for-profit organizations.

• Lastly, YES-AFRICA FOUNDATION will engage in quarterly donations to the less privilege homes, charity organisation, supports to churches and mosque and most importantly educational scholarship for less privileged and outstanding scholars programs, most importantly graduate recruitment empowerment.