Question: How do I know YES-AFRICA Business Investment Plan (BIP) is Genuine and not fraud?
Answer: Yes-Africa Global Resources Company is duly registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC RC:OS6940), Nigeria. Yes-Africa BIP method of operation is totally transparent and risk free. Here, everybody who joins will get paid regardless of where and when the new member starts building his/her team. In YES-AFRICA Global Resources Company.

Question: Do I need qualifications or a sales background to start the Business?
Answer: No you do not need a School Leaving Certificate, O level, College or University Degree, Masters, MBA or PhD to join this program. In fact, you do not need to be computer literate. We provide you with all the training and guidance you will need to become successful within our team. You will receive One-on-one Expert guidance and exclusive training and Marketing materials to help you build a successful Yes-Africa BIP Investment.


Question: Do I need to quit my current job to be in this Business and what are the advantages of joining YES-AFRICA TEAM?
Answer: No. You do not need to quit your full time job to be in the business because it does not require your full time. The advantages of Joining YES-AFRICA TEAM are simple. You become your own boss and you choose WHO, WHAT, WHEN and HOW you work your business. You are instantly rewarded every time someone new joins the network in as much the person is joining under your Team whether you are the one who invited the person or not. The only thing you need to build in this business is your Team! Money isn't necessarily a need, just your time; dedication and passion to build your own residual income through building your Team and helping your down-lines do the same if they are having any challenges doing so. The residual/passive income is the most attractive part of BIP. You may take “time off” but you will still get paid. You may travel abroad or may be sleeping at home; you will keep receiving SMS Alert from your Bank.

Other Advantages Includes:
1. Low start-up capital with huge returns
2. No posting of money over the Internet
3. Your earnings are paid directly into your Bank Account by your down-lines
4. The YES-AFRICA TEAM activation is a onetime payment unless for upgrades
5. Team earn money at all level from level 1 to 7
6. Inactive down-lines may not stop you from one level to another.
7. We don't burden or compel you to sell products (Drugs, Electronics, Cosmetics etc.) if you hate selling. You earn just by Joining plus sharing the good news and helping others join.


Question: What are the benefits?
Answer: Benefits of being a YES-AFRICA Team includes but not limited to:
1. Earning from introducing others to the company products (e.g. Gold Plan) ranging from N5,000 to N78,125,000 a total of N97,655,000. Depending on your capacity to introduce someone to join your Team
2. Training on mechanized and modernized agriculture for food production and income generation
3. Training on how you can own a means of mobility and also transportation business
4. Training on how you can own a house and earn money from housing
5. Training on several other economic empowerment programs.
6. Training on how to Start-up your own business.


Question: How do I get started?
Answer: Before you get started. It is important to let you know that we don't sell drugs, cosmetics, electronics etc. We only deal with an Information Package which we call Yes-Africa Starter-Pack. There are Five (5) Forms and other training Materials in the Starter Pack. You need to get one of those forms from the company or an existing investor. Visit the bank to make payment, attach the payment deposit teller to the Membership form and send it back to the nearest YES-AFRICA Service Centre or via any YES-AFRICA Agent, Supervisor or existing investor near you.


Question: After becoming a YES-AFRICA Member, Can an existing investor help me sell my FORMS?
Answer: No! To earn from Yes-Africa BIP program you must be able to sell the five forms in your Starter Pack. That is all you need to do. However, if you do not have the skills or know how to talk to your prospects, you can inform your existing investor and he/she will arrange with other Yes-Africa BIP Team with proven records of payment to help you meet and talk to your prospect(s). Your existing investor may also accept to help you sell some of your forms if he/she agrees as you can also help your new investors sell if you have more prospects that needs the form. You are all in the same TEAM. Don't forget, Together Everyone Achieves More!


Question: If I am unable to sell all the forms in my starter pack, will I still earn money?
Answer: YES! The sales of one form/certificate means you have built one TEAM. You can still earn you up to N15, 625, 000.00 (Fifteen Million, Six Hundred and Twenty-Five Thousand Naira Only) from the sale of just one of your forms if all your down-lines' certificate are sold.


Question: How do I qualify for the program?
Answer: To be able to register, you need to operate any Bank Account (Savings Account or Current Account) and also subscribe to SMS Alert for instant payment confirmation.


Question: Why and what do you need my Bank Account details for?
Answer: We do not ask you to submit your ATM, PIN/Password or any other personal Security Details. We only require you to give us YOUR ACCOUNT NAME and NUMBER that's all. We use it to process your payment. Your Account Name and Number will appear on the four forms/certificates in your Starter Pack through which your prospects pays your commission directly into. (For more details ask for sample form).


Question: I operate First Bank account before, do I need to open another one?
Answer: No. There is no need to open another First Bank Account if you already own one before. However, you may choose to open another one and use it strictly for Yes-Africa BIP. This allows you to be certain that money that comes into the account is strictly from Yes-Africa BIP. That does not mean that you can't use it for any other purpose neither will it stop your commission from being paid if used for any other personal transaction/purpose.


Question: Can Yes-Africa Global Resources Company orders the bank to freezes the commission in my Bank Account.
Answer: There is no thing as such. In fact, it is totally impossible! You are in control of the money in your Account not Yes-Africa BIP. Once the money goes into your account and you receive the SMS/Trans Alert, the money is yours and you can withdraw it immediately with your ATM or at the Bank. We do not have the right what so ever to freeze our member's Personal Account. It is your personal account not a Joint Account with Yes-Africa BIP, So be rest assured that your money is safe.


Question: Can I sell my forms to a prospect in a distant location in Nigeria?
Answer: Yes. First, you must be very convinced that your prospect is ready to join before you hand over your form to them to fill or take away. Because it might be hard to get it back from them once they have filled it or taken it away. However, if your prospects trust you, you can allow them fill the form and sign it while you can make payment on their behalf. The form is attached to the payment deposit slip is then sent to Yes-Africa Global Resources Service Centre.


Question: Is there Age, Sex, Tribal or Religion restrictions?
Answer: We do not discriminate. Yes-Africa BIP is open to anybody who is interested. Not minding the Age, Sex, Tribe, Religion or Disability in as much the person resides legally in Nigeria.


Question: Can I operate more than one Yes-Africa BIP Team?
Answer: No you can’t. This is to avoid getting yourself into trouble as you can’t have two accounts with different Personal Account Names.


Question: Can I buy more than one Yes-Africa BIP Team starter-pack?
Answer: Yes you can. So far it is with your personal account name and account number. We see everyone in the team as an investor. So, you can invest as much as you can but most not be more than Five (5).


Question: How can I succeed with YES-AFRICA TEAM?
Answer: Work diligently, Work consistently, and don't give up.


Question: I don't operate a First Bank Account can I use any other Bank?
Answer: Yes! Presently, we accept any Nigerian Banks Account.