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Super Gro is a multi-purpose agricultural surfactant, specifically formulated to work with modern crops. It is formulated from Ethoxylated Alkylphenol ploysiloxane and helps to increase crop yield. Super Gro is therefore a surfactant that acts as a wetting agent designed to increase the effectiveness of agricultural aids such as plant foods, herbicides, fertilizers and insecticides by improving plant coverage and absorption.


  • Fertilize and enhance plant food
  • Reduces water surface tension and increases soil penetration
  • Reduces water lost due to run-off and evaporation.
  • Works as an adjuvant to maximize crop treatment performance
  • Concentrate that increase plant yield by as much as 800%
  • Makes water “wetter”.
  •  A sticker – It has internal ability to absorb Solar Energy and gum to the plant for maximum use.
  • Improves the absorption of nutrients.
  • It is absorbed faster and keeps plants wet in warm dry weather
  •  It acts as wetting agent. It increases the rate at which water enters the soil.
  •  It is bio-degraded, not harmful, nontoxic, non-flammable, environmental friendly.
  •  Does not affect the pH balance of the soil or destroy the land. It simply increases the yield.
  • It feeds, renews and revitalizes the plant.
  • The seed, the stalk and the leaves are greatly improved.

We control the supply chain of SUPER GRO organic fertilizers across the Nation